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Review of ProfitLance System

"Review of Profitlance"

The ProfitLance System has repeatedly received rave reviews from users. I wanted to check it out myself before writing a review. After using the system for more than two full months, I am convinced that this is THE system for aspiring Internet marketers.

What is Profitlance?

Profitlance is a system created by Mike. It is essentially an Internet marketing coaching system for newbies along with practical tools to make money online. Normally, Internet marketing teaching involves selling an ebook and forget the user afterwards.

What happens? The user only has bits and pieces of information. He does not know where to start with. Soon he ends up buying more and more ebooks and finally suffers from information overload. This results in inaction. The aspiring marketer may decide to quit as he finds it difficult to cope with. This vacuum is addressed by Profitlance system.

The Profitlance system keeps the newbie Internet marketer in mind and delivers just the needed information. So there is really no need to buy further ebooks until they succeed in using the system. This clears the information overload and resulting negative effects.

How Profitlance System Works?

1. It provides all basic information needed to start online business working from home
2. It provides real sample websites which are hosted at the company's expense on the user's name
3. It also provides adsense websites every single week which the user may host whenever he is ready
4. It even provides landing page creating software on its site which is a very valuable feature

With all the needed information and how-to-implement text and video tutorials, it is very difficult for any one to go wrong. When using Profitlance system, you need not look for another source elsewhere. You have got an all-in-one-place learning and implementing center.I have not come across any similar system which provides value for money.

Any disadvantage? 

1. No frequent updates to the site
2. The author doesn't maintain relationship with participants through newsletters and extra tips
3. The support system is not easy to access.

Despite the minor weak points, I feel the Profitlance system provides total value for money. Though it is a life-time membership, you pay a one-time measly payment of $77. According to Mike, he plans to increase it shortly because of the demand.

Best of all, the system relieves you from information overload. Just stick to the system and don't look at other ebooks. I am not saying ignore other things. To avoid information overload and make quick money, focus on the methods and tools the system provides initially.Once you succeed in making money, you will be in a position to learn how to make websites leisurely or even hire some one to do it. Then you can buy more and more ebooks and learn further advanced aspects about Internet marketing of information products or others.

This is ideal panacea for newbie Internet marketers who are caught up in a dilemma where to start or how to start. The system, unlike ebooks, provide all the information, tips besides giving you websites in your name to run your own business. However, the tools provided should be taken as a learning process. You must graduate to setting up you own websites later on along the principles and models the system provides.

The system is definitely value for money. If you are an aspiring Internet marketer with no knowledge or you are an Internet marketer struggling with website creation and blocks, then this system is a practical remedy. Go and get it before the price increases.

Get the ProfitLance System now.

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3 Affiliate Link Mistakes That Can Cost Affiliate Marketers Dearly...

New affiliate marketers tend to handle things haphazardly. Not that they don't have the knowledge but because they get carried away by the pressures of the day. In their eagerness to promote products, they neglect or are ignorant of important mistakes that can cost them heavily.

1. Not cloaking affiliate link: It is important to cloak the affiliate link using link cloaking software. It is available on the Net, both free and paid versions. Alternately, you may use URL shrinking services such as When you enter your original affiliate link URL you will get an entirely different output which is small, neat and clean. However, when the visitor clicks on the link they will be taken to your affiliate link website. A naked unprotected link is vulnerable to misuse sometimes. Imagine the money lost even if it is only for 10 percent of abuse.

2. Not checking the working of the link: The simple act of checking can save you tons of money. It is possible there is a spelling mistake, or the full link was not copied and pasted properly. Such habitual precautionary measures can avoid you losses.

3. Using the wrong affiliate link: Newbie affiliates blindly sign up for several affiliate programs and sometimes forget to use right link. This means the link takes them to the wrong landing page of another affiliate program. Which means loss of visitor.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 Ways To Overcome Information Overload

Affiliates, especially newcomers, often struggle the whole day to cope up with the amount of information they have by way of emails, ebooks, training manuals, etc. Is there a way to overcome this kind of depressing situation? Well, it all comes to proper time management and improving productivity skills.

First off, affiliates need to recognize that most of their so-called work is unnecessary. Before you argue with me, let me explain why. You may think going through all your emails is an absolute must. I beg to differ.

If you are working alone without any staff or personal assistants, then you need to prioritize things. Realize that reading emails is not going to give you money. Your objective is to earn money online. Not going through tons of information. Decide whether your aim is to earn money working from your home or to gather information forever.

Some tips: Start your work day by starting with the toughest work at hand. You need to plan your work. It is a good idea to plan the work for next day on a sheet of paper at night and then go to sleep. Begin the day with most important work at hand. focus on it, finish it. Between two different works, take a break by reading your mails.

Always be bold enough to unsubscribe to your mails that you find not much useful to you. Or, at least, use the filter function in your email client to separate unnecessary files into a separate folder which you may go through in your free time or when you are bored.

Prioritization of work and attending to only very important filtered emails is the way to success.

I shall write more about time management and productivity in later date.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Guest Article

Free 13-Point Copy Inspection
Makes Your Website Sell Like Crazy …

"Success is neither magical or mysterious.
Success is the natural consequence of
consistently applying basic fundamentals."
– Jim Rohn

Dear Web Business Builder,

A veteran pilot would never dream of taking off without going over his or her pre-flight check list. And neither should you before driving traffic to your sales page.

So in today’s issue of Web Marketing Advisor it’s back to basics, and a handy little checklist of copywriting essentials.

I invite you to print this page … grab a cup of what pleases ya … and work your way through the money pages on your most important campaigns …

1 – Is Your Headline Supported On These Four Pillars?

Does it arouse relevant curiosity? Does it make a simple, easily understood, ultra compelling promise? Does it trigger the dominant motivating emotion you’ve identified in your research? Does it imply proof of promise?

Big secret: Your headline is the ad for your web page, NOT necessarily the ad for your product. Give people a reason to read other than to find out whether they may want to buy your product. Promise them great things if they’ll just STOP and consume your web page.

With this in mind, I normally write 25 headlines before I begin the body of the page. Then I’ll pick half a dozen or so that I think will work and test them. The best of the rest, I use as subheads sprinkled throughout the page to propel readership, and draw skimmers and skippers back into the copy as they move down the page.

2 – Does Your Headline Have The Look?

I most often find that headlines work best when they are centered on the page presenting a balanced appearance in terms of the shape they create. Sometimes encasing them in quotation marks can also serve to grab more attention.

Brevity is desirable. If there are words you can remove from your headline without weakening it, remove them. Where you break lines is also important …

You want maximum impact and momentum when your prospect collides with your headline. Anything that can enhance immediate comprehension will help your conversion.

Each line of your main headline should contain a kernel of thought.

Right way:

Grow Up To 1436% Richer
In A World Gone Mad!

Wrong way:

Grow Up To 1436% Richer In
A World Gone Mad!

3 - Is Your Opening Provocative?

Does it trip the reader, interrupting the internal turbulence of the day? Does it cut through the noise and enter the conversation your prospect has been having with himself about the area of concern you want to help him with?

Each line of your work must serve to ’sell’ the reader on continued reading, especially at the beginning. Again curiosity, emotion, and relevant promise rule the day. If you can just get him to read those first couple of hundred words you’re on your way …

4 - Are You FAB Balanced?

Does your web page paint a picture of your prospect’s future life as a result of his purchase … and the emotional pay off it represents? Does it pledge the realization of positive feelings, and/or the relief of negative ones? Those are the true benefits of your product.

But it’s equally important to show how those outcomes are achieved with concise descriptions of the features and advantages that will deliver them.

If you want more sales, strike a balance between benefits (what your product does for your prospect, both physically and emotionally), advantages (how it’s better than other alternatives), and features (what it is).

5 - Are You Triggering The Buying Emotion?

Are you demonstrating your personal belief in what you are selling? Will your message quicken the reader’s pulse?

While you may want to put your reader in pain momentarily, the bulk of your page should be upbeat, positive, and full of inspired energy. Is there a sense of WOW to it?

Human beings are hardwired for empathy. They will bond with you if you display empathy for them. And they with naturally empathize with you as well, vibrating sympathetically with the emotions you display.

Confident excitement is the buying emotion. And it’s triggered by YOUR enthusiasm.

6 - Is Your Body Copy Highly Readable?

Remember simple is best. Keep sentences short. Use a plain 10-point to 12-point font. Paragraphs no more than a few lines. Words that are comfortable, familiar, and specific to the audience you are targeting. Inject subheads to break up text.

Highlight important points.

Avoid presenting naked facts and arguments wherever possible. Weave them into the context of a story. Explain what they mean to your reader.

7 - Do You Have High YOU density?

Remember to use the words YOU, YOUR, and extensions thereof to the hilt. Your reader is auto translating to ME and MINE.

But don’t take this wisdom too literally …

It’s perfectly fine to tell stories in the first or third person. Naturally there will be a preponderance of the words “I” or “he” or” she” in such stories. That’s OK, as long as your reader can relate strongly to the story’s hero, projecting him or herself into that person’s shoes. In many situations, this is, in fact, the best way to tell your sales story.

“We” is also not always a dirty word in sales copy …

It is dirty when the copy is all about the seller, as in, “We believe the only thing that never goes out of style is service. We’ve been providing great service in the Gotham City area for over 50 years.”

That’s a bad use of “we”. But when you use this word to symbolize a group that unites the buyer and the seller in a common cause, opinion, or belief, as in, “We investors are fed up!” it’s one of the most powerful pronouns you can use.

The key is to keep the reader squarely in the action at all times.

8 - Are you speaking intimately?

Can you get a strong sense of personality when you review your web page after being away from it for a while? Visualize yourself writing a personal letter to a friend, someone you care about deeply.

Never write to a crowd. Build relationships one at a time.

9 - Are you inspiring the reader’s imagination?

The sub-conscious mind has difficulty distinguishing between vividly painted word pictures and reality. Daydreams enchant. And emotions flow in their wake.

When you have emotion, you have desire. When you have desire, you have suggestibility. When you have suggestibility, you can direct action.

Spark your reader’s creative imagination by associating the promise of what you’re selling to things he’s already familiar with.

10 - Do you offer proof?

Specific testimonials, success stories, case studies and other examples of social proof are essential.

Describing the mechanism that makes your product work — proof of process — is equally important.

An outrageous, ballsy guarantee is another form of proof. It proves your product does what you say it does. How else could you offer such a guarantee and stay in business? A really good one creates the perception that risk is not just removed. It’s actually reversed!

Use visual proofs wherever possible. Show physical products in action. Show before and after pictures for intangibles. Seeing is believing.

11 - Is your offer irresistible?

People are greedy. And they like to procrastinate. Are you piling on reasons to act now — additional bonuses, discounts, etc. — that may not be available if your prospects return to your web page at a later date?

Are you using the power of comparison — showing how your product delivers the same results as alternatives costing much more … while comparing its price to trivial items?

12 – Do you close like this?

Don’t pussyfoot around when it comes time to ask for the sale. If you believe in your product, and you stand behind it (as evidenced by your brass balls guarantee), then for heaven’s sake don’t be shy about telling people how to get it.

Tell your prospects explicitly what to do, and they’ll do it. Big tip: When you close, use future tense language that assumes the sale. For example: “When your electric nose hair trimmer arrives, here’s all you do …”

And don’t forget that some people will be ready to buy sooner, some later. So ask for the order multiple times. As soon as the basic story is out (usually about half way down the page) I start asking for the order, again and again and again.

13 - And finally, do you use this P.S. trick?

For some reason, the P.S. at the bottom of the page gets read a lot. Make it stop your reader in his tracks, like a deer in the headlights!

Associate positive outcomes with taking the desired action, and negative ones with delay or inaction. (You may even want to plant a bomb for the sneaky Petes who scroll down to the P.S. without reading your web page. Simply insert a curiosity-inducing sentence such as: “The horrible things I told you about in this letter could easily happen to you.”)

Finally, restate your guarantee and ask for the sale one last time.

So there you have it, my baker’s dozen. Use ‘em with finesse on all of your sales pages, and watch your business grow!

Until next time, Good Selling!
Daniel Levis Signature
Daniel Levis
Editor, The Web Marketing Advisor

Daniel Levis is a top marketing consultant and direct response copywriter based in Toronto, Canada and publisher of the world famous copywriting anthology, Masters of Copywriting, featuring the selling wisdom of 44 of the “Top Money” marketing minds of all time, including Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, John Carlton, Joe Vitale, Michel Fortin, Richard Armstrong and dozens more! For a FREE excerpt visit

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Why Many Affiliate Marketers Fail

Yes, you might have heard stories of affiliate marketers giving up. Even if you don't know a thing about affiliate marketing success rates, let me reveal you certain things which you must know.

Like any business endeavor Internet Marketing too requires business skills and the right mind-set that go with it.

Some one with lots of money to invest and people to help may end up failing in spite of his resources. On the other hand another affiliate with no money or borrowed money may succeed fantastically in a short time despite lack of money.

The difference is the right mind set. Right mind set cannot be bought for money. It has to be cultivated.

Right mind set goes beyond positive thinking. It requires mental guts, intuition, faith in one's ability to succeed and things like that.

Usually rich people who suddenly lose money and become bankcrupt for some reason often climb back to their previous state or even exceed their previous state of wealth. On the other hand, a poverty-loaded mind, even if given a million dollars, is likely to lose the money in no time. There are living proofs for this. Many gamblers or jackpot winners have never even retained what they gained after a few years.

Hence the importance of right mind set. This includes faith oneself, discipline, love for mankind, willingness to learn and unlearn things and so on.

So decide for yourself whether you are willing to learn and practice what you know.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


You can now "FOLLOW" this blog. Blogger has made it possible to allow people to follow a blog either -publicly (everyone knows) or anonymously (no one knows). Really, that's a cool feature.

By "following" my blog you are showing your appreciation to the author of the blog.

Look at the top of the side-bar on your right-hand side. There is a "Follow This Blog" link. You can cancel following any time you wish.

So go ahead and do it now.

I have been off from my blog lately because of unexpected illness and will soon return to active sharing of secrets of Internet marketing for you.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Beware of This Facebook Virus

I came across a warning article in popular technology magazine how an email link purportedly leading to a YouTube video can harm your computer. I just thought all Internet marketers should be aware of this kind of happenings. We are all used to receiving and clicking on YouTube video links. Read on...

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What is the Difference between Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing?

Some newbies have asked me how affiliate marketing is different from Internet marketing. Well, affiliate marketing is definitely Internet marketing but it is a specialized branch. There are several ways of Internet marketing - affiliate marketing, niche marketing, Ebay marketing are the most popular and profitable and easy ones. You can have an online store, you can trade websites or domain names and make money.

You can enter affiliate marketing without a website or any investment.

In affiliate marketing, you are purely dealing with other peoples' products. You may own a website to promote your affiliate products. You make your money only through commissions on sales made. If your sales campaign flops, your money and efforts go waste.

In Internet marketing, you promote your own products through your own websites. First off, you do market research to find out the profitability and demand for your proposed product (probably an information product such as an ebook). Then you write, edit and publish the book. You create a powerful sales letter for each of your product. You spend money on ads and other ways to promote your products. You track all the links and ads that are bringing revenues. You identify the profitable sources and discard or modify less-profitable or loss-making products. You also recruit other affiliates to sell your products. Imagine you are selling your own product and your own affiliates are also promoting your products. You pay them only commissions on sale. So there is no expense involved. Imagine getting the full money for your product (compare it to affiliate marketing where you get possibly 50 percent of the sales amount). You can not only double the amount but much more!

However, the responsibilities of the Internet marketer are high. He needs investment. He cannot do all the work himself if he wanted to focus on marketing. So he outsources market research, writing, updating, Copy-writing, website management, etc. He has to host his websites. In return for his work he gets rewarded with profits.

Now you know what the affiliate marketer does as compared to what the Internet marketer does. My advice is once you are successful in affiliate marketing hire people to create a product for you. Once the product is done, you can sign up with Clickbank for a merchant account paying just $49. Clickbank will manage your sales as well as the sales of your affiliates.

Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Find an Affiliate Program For Any Niche in 2 Minutes

How to Find an Affiliate Program For Any Niche in 2 Minutes
Copyright © 2006 Anik Singal

There is a great trend lately of marketers finally moving
to niche markets and not just focusing on selling to the
“make money” industry. This is an excellent move and one
that will prove to be very profitable for you. However, a
problem that many affiliates are hitting is that they don’t
know how to find good niche affiliate programs.

If there isn’t a program in ClickBank, most affiliates are
lost! Also, since ClickBank doesn’t allow us to search
their database, it’s too hard to find anything there.

Well, here is a quick and easy way to find any and all of
the best and most profitable affiliate program for any
niche you desire.

To find affiliate programs from now on you will use Google
to help you. Google is a great tool to use because?

1. It’s free
2. Any site that comes up on the top results is likely
reputable and has been around
3. You get thousands of results you can search through
4. You can make your search very specific

Alright, let’s discuss in steps, how to Google to find
affiliate programs.

1. Go over to

2.Type “[Your Niche Title] + affiliate” This is the step
that a lot of people can get confused in so let’s clear it
right now. Example: If I am searching for an affiliate
program on dog health, I will type this phrase into Google
= “dog health + affiliate”

3. Now the results that I get, all the pages that have the
term “dog health” and the term “affiliate” will show up.

4. Next open a program like Excel or just take out a piece
of paper.

5. Go through the results in Google and keep noting down
the different programs that come up.

6. Once you have 10 programs listed, go back and research
each of them to find the most profitable one.

Try this strategy on search engines like Yahoo as well. You
will get different results and combined between Yahoo and
Google, there is no way that you won’t find a good
affiliate program.

What if you don’t find any affiliate programs this way?

Then most likely an affiliate program for your niche does
not exist. A great way to make money now is to contact a
few of these websites and introduce the concept to them!
Perhaps help them set up an affiliate script and share in
profits! Actually, if there is no affiliate program in
that niche, you and that company can make BIG profits from

There, now you have NO excuses not to find profitable
niches and build websites for them. You can now find a
profitable affiliate program for them all.


Anik Singal is founder and CEO of Affiliate Classroom.
Anik developed his own affiliate system that helped him
earn over $10,000 in just 60 days working part time. If
you want to learn this unique method, click here for a
free e-course

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Does Internet Marketing Work?

You may be wondering how exactly this thing works. There are so many ways of promoting your own or affiliate product. If you want to go the paid route, it is faster to make money provided that you get the technicalities right.

You can use Google Adwords (more about that in another blog later). You buy an ad space with Google Adwords. Your ad has a link to your product website. What you essentially do is to find out and enter the most profitable keywords related to your product in the right way. If you use common/popular keywords which everyone else is using then you are going to pay more for every click on that keyword-related advertisement. So you find less used (less competition) and cheaper keywords in order to minimise your ad expenses. If any one clicks on your ad you pay what Google has asked you to pay. This is only the basics just to give an idea.

You can also promote your site through other paid and free methods (to be discussed in a different category.

The other way is you have good quality website with relevant original contents. This content includes all the possible variations of keywords used in relation to your product. You also keep your affiliate links there. If your website is search engine optimized, then, when people search for your type of product in Google search engine your page will be shown on the first page or maybe the second page depending on your ranking. Of course, optimizing a website for search engine is not a one-day affair. It may be a forever thing due to ever-competing web pages.

The idea is you must make people visit your site again and again. Some will purchase from you. You reward them with bonus gifts so they are happy with your customer service.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Best Way to Get People on Your LIst

Learn how ANYONE can Succeed Selling Online as an Affiliate.

How to choose a good affiliate program

If you have been with me for a while you may be wondering how to select a good affiliate program, or you may be just worried you might select a wrong program. Sure you need caution in choosing the best affiliate program. Not all affiliate programs are the same.

Some will be easy to promote because they give you all the necessary information, promotion tools for emails, websites, etc. They may even educate you with free books on marketing and promotion. You should choose such affiliate programs if you come across one. That way you will be saving a lot of time and you can spend the saved time in promoting another affiliate program and double your income.

To be a successful affiliate you will have to work at it on a daily basis. You have refine your methods of promotion until you start seeing results.

If you are interested in joining a good free affiliate program which provides you with all necessary affiliate skills, I would recommend this popular and successful program.

Sometimes, even the simple act of keeping a banner ad on your blog or website can make you money.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Take this free video course on ebay selling

If you are considering eBay to make money, I am going to direct you to a free video which explains the whole thing for you. You might have heard of Derek Gehl, a well-known successful business man and Internet marketing coach.

Derek's laid out the entire profitable system in a set of training videos that you can watch RIGHT NOW for FREE!

First, he's going to reveal the number one mistake that nearly EVERY new "eBayer" makes when they're getting started (it's a BIGGIE, and it can stop you COLD from ever making a PENNY)! This is something important before diving into ebay business.

After that, he explains his secret three-step formula for evaluating ANY item to determine if it'll be a HOT seller or not. He also reveals how to find hungry markets that are BEGGING to buy what you're selling.

There is a set of three-video series by looking at what's new and different at eBay, and explaining exactly how to take advantage of the recent changes to start profiting. It's also been tested and proven by his own elite group of eBay mentors, he assures.

So if you want to learn how to start making SERIOUS money online in the fastest time possible, without having to create your own website (or if you'd like to add an additional stream of income to an existing website), I highly recommend Derek's three FREE eBay training videos!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

How to Know about the Profitability of Market

You may decide to take upon a niche that is close to your heart and start creating products or promoting products in that field. After all, everyone says you have to be after your 'passions'.

I do not accept this approach. It may be your passion. But don't you want to run it as a business and get profits? That's the whole reason behind why you are looking at Internet marketing as a business. If your intention is just to play along your passions, then be prepared to run the show as an experiment, run into losses in case the market happens to be not responsive.

In business, first thing is you must know whether what you are doing is profitable or not. It is possible to know whether your proposed business is likely to be profitable even before starting the business. That's why the emphasis on market research.

Fortunately, on the Internet most of the data are available for free for you to study. Take Google search. Just type your niche market name. Google will present you with milllions of results pages and will display the number of pages found on the Internet on your chosen word or phrase (technically called the 'keyword'.

Then go to Google External Keyword Tool. This page gives you several details at once - no of searches during the month, competition level, no of searches, etc. Just look at the screenshot below to get an idea.

Fig. Google Keyword Tool - a sample search

There you can type several keywords at once. Google will not only display the number of searches done for the exact word(s) you typed, but also the number of searches for the current month and the level of competition (in the form of a small bar).

This will give you an idea what is the level of demand for the keywords you typed in. This is not to be taken as accurate by any standards. However, they are fairly good indicators of market proditability.

When you first typed in Google search you found thousands of pages coming up with relevant content on that keyword. You may call it the supply scenario.

When you next typed in Google External Keyword Tool, you discovered how many people have searched for the same word(s) during the month. So now you know the demand scenario.

Almost always you will find supply far exceeding demand. The supply-demand ratio (supply divided by demand) should be ideally below 100.

If the supply is too much, then you face stiff competition which business more expenditures, more efforts and more time. And still, it is unlikely to be a profitable market for the late comers. Those with surplus money can pump in cash to succeed in any market.

So you know the secret of finding out how to find profitable markets. Use different keywords related to your proposed niche and find out one sub-niche where the supply is reasonably low and the demand reasonably high.

There are other short cut methods which we will explore further tomorrow.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Link Building Secrets for Internet Marketers

This article will be useful for advanced Internet marketers who own a website and are interested in link building.Every Internet marketer knows link building is an important aspect of Internet business. There is a right way and wrong way of doing this. Here is where most new website owners fail. Some think flooding their pages with a lot of links will get them a good ranking. Alas! If only they knew that can be disastrous to their websites...Well, I found an article with question & answers on the very subject which every Internet marketer will find helpful.This article reveals several new ideas and mistakes of web-masters who go on a link-building spree without any thought.

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Simple Zero-Hype Methods To Making $300-$500 A Day
Online...Guaranteed! Discover The Secret!

Friday, August 8, 2008

How to Find A Profitable Online Business

Look before you plunge.

Once you have decided to give a try to Internet marketing, the first thing you need to do is to identify possible profitable on-line markets and products. By profitable, I mean you should be able to make a decent income from minimum work.

Here, I am going to talk about information product (such as e-books) marketing business which is the easiest and simplest of all.

If you end up doing a lot of work only to get a very small return (or nil return), then it is not worth it. You would have wasted a lot of time and money on a low-return or even negative-return business. Certainly, you would not want to do that.

So before plunging into an online information product business, you should ask yourself five major questions:

- Is there a large enough market for your proposed info product?
- How big is the competition?
- What are the existing products being sold in your chosen market?
- What is the demand and supply scenerio?
- What is the demand-supply ratio?

How do you find answers for all these questions? You must do market research for one or two days prior to launching your business. There are free tools available on the Internet to do this simple research. Even the first business you will be creating only on a test basis. Only after you find favorable results, you should proceed actively.

Internet business is not something you start this morning and start earning within minutes. It is possible to earn within minutes of setting up your business when you have a strong experience and knowledge in the field. If anyone claims otherwise do not believe it. There may be some stray exceptions. A newbie, however, will have to work at it heavily during initial years in order to establish a sustainable business.

Let us deal with them tomorrow.

Monday, August 4, 2008

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Program

It will not be correct to choose just about any online business blindly.The first step to creating a profitable online business is to choose the type of business you would really like to be involved in. Preferably, something you are passionate about.

Even though there are thousands of affilliate programs,not every one will be profitable. And not all of them may pay decent commissions.
Research is the key. Remember when you promote other people's products - whether it is a good product or bad product - the work YOU will do to promote them will be same. But the profits will vary depending upon the demand for the product. So you must first check out whether the product has a good demand in your target market.

For example,there is a lot of people wanting to master golf. They will go out of their way to learn more about the game. It is a highly competitive market. On the other hand, there may be a great product with little demand in the market.

When you are starting out, start with a high demand product. This requires some reading and research. You can do all that from the comfort of your home on the Net.

While researching, keep in mind those areas which really interest you or appeal to you personally. Then it will be easy for you to take interest in it and study the market. Moreover, it is likely you already have some knowledge in it. Hobby products are a hot market in Internet World. People are willing to spend money where their hearts are.

Choose right affiliate program

While there are numerous affiliate programs available, many of them happen to be crap. Sometimes, the product may be good. But the merchant involved may not be honest or efficient or affiliate-friendly. So you have to choose your program with care. Some affiliate programs do not pay well or the conditions may be tough to meet practically. You have to explore and find out the fine print. Read their Terms & Conditions before joining.

Some offer commissions only if you make certain number of minimum sales by number or amount. Some may offer extremely low commissions as low as five percent! Of course, if the product value is very high that is understandable.

If the product is not a fast-moving one, then you should expect higher commission. If you sell digital products like ebooks your commission could range from 50 percent to 75 percent. There are some who offer 100 percent commission on your sales. In these cases, their ebooks
contain useful information and also their own links to other products. When people buy by clicking those links, their business expands.

There are several top quality affiliate programs that make your promotion efforts much easier. They train you how to promote their products. They provide anything from keywords to all promotional material like sample email letters, advertisement banners, graphics, etc. You save time in creating them. See if your merchant offers such help. When you are just starting out it is better to join such programs where you will get full technical and marketing guidance.

There are many. One such program I strongly recommend comes from a world-class Internet
marketer who is considered Number One in affiliate marketing. His front-end products are extremely cheap and of high quality. So it is easy to sell them. He offers good commissions and
marketing education through videos, free books and other tools. He even offers life-time support through more information and tools to affiliates at no cost. Most affiliate programs are free to join. However, I always recommend that you buy (if you can afford) or study the products you
want to sell deeply so that you know how to promote them. The program I recommend is absolutely free to join.

However, it is better to buy at least the front-end product which are always very cheap (usually $7 to $17). When you buy it, you will realize, it is so informative and useful that its value is practically priceless.To look at a popular product of his program click here.

When you are happy with a product, look for a link "affiliates". It is where you sign up as an affiliate and receive all promotional materials.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Secret Affiliate Weapon [SAW] Review

E-book Review: Secret Affiliate Weapon by Ewen Chia

Secret Affiliate Weapon, as the name says it, arms you with the power of practical knowledge to become a successful affiliate. Affiliate business requires little or no investment and yet you can reap great income if done rightly. The keyword here is "rightly". It is here most aspiring affiliates fail.

First off, every affiliate needs basic knowledge on his own chosen work. Affiliate business is not about just about signing up and start promoting a certain program or a product. An affiliate must know the technicalities involved in signing up, how to choose the product, how to promote it, various free and paid methods available and so on.

It is here the book helps. Particularly a newbie. There is tons of information, video tutorials, free downloads and all.

A newbie will find it greatly useful and practical.

The book is written by none other than Ewen Chia - the world's most respected and No.1 affiliate marketer. This alone speaks for the quality of the book. What's more he has made it very affordable to any one by charging a ridiculously low price.

Of course, when you buy the book, you will come across two one-time offers (OTO) which come at a higher price. It is not at all obligatory that you buy them. Just read them. If you find they can be useful to you, and if you can afford them, go ahead and buy them.

However, a word of warning: do not buy the special offer for an Adwords software which promises you "unlimited websites" and that kind of stuff. I do not understand how Ewen included it in his offer. It is a worthless product which does n't live up to its promises. In fact there are no websites at all - forget about 'unlimited websites'. At the time of this writing, this is the fact. So do not waste your precious money on this product. In case you have already purchased this particular product and are not happy about it, do not hesitate to ask for a refund. These people who tell onething in their website and do another thing should learn their lessons.

As far as Secret Affiliate Weapon is concerned, it is worth buying. It is so cheap you need not hesitate. Every affiliate, including wannabes, must have this. Click here to get Secret Affiliate Weapon.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Gas Crisis Fuels Dubious Online Offers - Can Cars be Run on Water?

"Beware of Internet sites promising cheap gas, free gas, or savings of 60 percent at the pump." - advices a reputed technology magazine.

If you are anytime into Internet marketing you must have come across several water-run cars ads or products. They purportedly save on gas. Are they genuine? Sometimes, even good Internet marketers get carried away by false scientific evidence shown on these web sites. And some of them promote them as these are "hot-selling" products. After reading the article I am referring to, I decided not to promote any of them.

If anything, the user ends up losing his money on such products and services instead of saving fuel and money. If what these sites claim is true will not the government encourage it? Will not the car-makers promote it? Don't get carried away by the scientific evidence these sites offer. The fuel savings were demonstrated once upon a time under laboratory test conditions. Not during normal usage. So save your money and time by not buying/promoting these products.

Remember, this information comes from real EXPERTS who know the subject better than you and me. Quacks are everywhere. Several good Internet marketers are promoting these promoting under the impression these products are scientific. Most of them are not even aware of the truth. Of course, some don't care about it. All that they want is money... at any cost. Read this eye-opening story in Digg....

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Did You Know You Were Born as a Marketer?

Don't get upset with the word marketer. For some, it is a dirty word. At least, it was to me some months back. I hated sales people. But now I realize we are all into selling something or other to others - spouse, friends, family members, children, boss, colleagues, etc. - on everyday basis. We do sell our ideas, wants, desires, etc. to someone or other. Don't we? Now read the interesting story in Digg to discover how you were really born to sell...

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beware of Internet Frauds!

While Internet is a great source for generating income by conducting genuine business, there are several fraudsters working full time to have their share of easy money.

If only they would spend the same money, energy, time and efforts on developing a genuine business (instead of indulging in frauds)... how nice it would be! They would gain even greater profits. They would be blessing to one and all.

Unfortunately, these wolves among sheep work hard in cheating people with false promises in their sales letter in order to garner money. That not all people ask for a refund works to their advantage. They know it and are simply taking advantage of it.

Anyway, such elements are minority and everyone may come across them once in a while. Not everyone can recognize them. Only experienced people who have been cheated earlier will think twice before clicking a link on them.

Even some reputed Internet marketers indulge in cheating practices (they may think it is their clever marketing ploy, while actually it is outright cheating. It is just that they have lost their sensitivity to ethics. Or, could it be that it is the handiwork of their business management staff?

My suggestion is, if you are sure you have been cheated (please read the sales letter again and again to read any fine print before taking action), please do not hesitate to ask for a refund. Write to them politely that you did not get what you were promised in the sales letter and that you want an immediate refund.

I have been cheated by at least two. One of them comes under a so-called reputed category. That's why I thought I should send out warning bells. After getting the refund, now one of them is sending out all spammy mails to me under different names to promote similar fraudulant products. I keep unsubscribing them. Finally, it stopped.

Beware of data-entry jobs. They are the most fraudulant ones. They often promote actual business which involves copywriting and business skills which the ordinary individual is unlikely to have. They promise $200 per day income with data entry jobs!

There is nothing wrong in promoting a genuine business. What is wrong is promoting it to ordinary average individuals who are likely to fail and lose their money. Because, in this type of profitable (for 5% of people) copy-writing (what they call data-entry) business - that is actually Google Adwords to be exact - one is expected to invest heavily and it involves risks. About 95 percent of people are failing in this business due to lack of knowledge and experience in doing it right.

Will you agree a "data-entry job" that makes you lose $200 per day can be called data-entry? That's plain cheating.

Adwords is a high-risk and high-return advertising & marketing business for only the knowledgeable and those who are willing to learn the ropes and take the risks along the way.

You should be also beware of MLM schemes. A vast majority of them are after your money. Study any MLM program. They will tell you calculations of how many millions you will make in a few weeks. There will be hardly any mention of the products and their benefits which you will have buy and sell.

I 'm not saying all such programs are bogus. A majority of them.

To learn more about Internet frauds, where to complain about them, how to identify them, etc. you may please go to this US government website which gives out very detailed information.

That said, I want to invite you all to write your comments below if you have ever been cheated in a sales letter.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Seeking answers of peace for the global economy | csmonitor.

"People are hungering for solutions. We encourage everyone to seek that aid and wisdom that lie beyond human abilities..." says an article from Christian Science Monitor.

The monster recession is slowly eating into the economy and peoples lives. Is there a solution? For problems, solutions have to be found within and not without.

READ the Digg article.

What I want to say...

What has Internet marketing to do with recession or global economy? Well, for one thing, Internet is global. Even if one part of the world is affected by recession, the rest of the world not affected by it, is still favorable to Internet marketing.

In any case recession mostly affects poor people. With all their low-thinking they attract low-quality things around them.(Believe it or not, it is a fact). Secondly, people who buy regularly over the Net are not generally poor like the average citizen. They buy things as and when they want - recession or no recession.

And there are recession-proof products and services - like health products for example. Internet marketing is something any one can do from home. It is recession-proof. That's one reason I encourage anyone to take it up. There is room for every one. Internet is a give-and-take global economy. It is not one way. So it will always flourish.

Now back to Monitor's article: Read it here...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is ideal starting point for beginners wanting to enter online business. While the advantages are many, beginners have to work hard at it in the beginning. If done in the right way it is really a gold mine. After all, where else can you start a business without your own product! It can be also a testing ground for you to check out whether you are capable of succeeding in it. Here is a small list of advantages to look at.
  • easy and simple to join as affiliate
  • possibility of earning from day-one if done right
  • can be done without any investment or low investment also
  • can be done without website and related expenditures
  • with investment and websites, affiliate income is lucrative
  • learning curve is not very steep; fit for average Joe
  • business can be gradually expanded
  • can be done part-time, full-time or casual basis
  • can be run on auto-pilot basis after thorough testing and tweaking
  • does not require everyday routine attention after successful run.
However, it is important that you put your heart and soul in it while starting out. That way, you can not only reap good results and enjoy what you are doing. You will slowly learn what to do and what not to do.

Would you like to start your own affiliate marketing business? I am giving away a free source for you. There is a very valuable free report on affiliate marketing there; plus, tons of other useful info.CLICK HERE to access it now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Affiliate Marketing - Lucrative & Easy Path to Online Success

Affiliate Marketing Series

"I don't manufacture products and I certainly cannot create information products like
e-books. I am not an expert in that. How do I do online business?" - some people may ask. Nothing to worry on that front. If you have an eagerness to sell online and make money but no ability to write books or enter into manufacture, that in fact can be an advantage.

Because you will focus all your efforts in marketing and in getting products done by others. Here is your chance to sell other people's products and make money online. If you are already comfortable in creating or learning to create info products, then, your focus should shift to how to maket your product yourself and by recruiting affiliates.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Selling other people's products is known as affiliate marketing. You join as an affiliate (aka partner, associate) for a company or individual who has a product. It may be physical products like travelling goods, DVDs or service like travel booking. It could also be a digital product like information products such as ebooks, software or digital downloadable music.

There are thousands of companies seeking affiliates. There are also thousands of individuals like writers, programmers, artists and other professionals looking for people to sell their products such as ebooks, software, services, etc. So there is no shortage of products or merchants
to deal with.

In today's Internet-driven world, it's easier than ever to have a comfortable living by using the web. Affiliate marketing provides one of those great opportunities to make money.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are Affiliate Programs Reliable?

Most affiliates do not make any money at all. They are there on paper. They sign up and then don't take the necessary action to promote what they signed up. Apathy or skepticism takes over them after a while. It is important for every affiliate to learn more about affiliate marketing secrets in order succeed. Books that explain secrets of affiliate marketing are plenty and cheap. Every newbie must own at least one in order to succeed. The techniques for implementing effective practices are given out in the books and you simply need to follow them.

Are affiliate programs reliable?

It is reliable because everything is managed by computer programs. Moreover, there are a few companies specializing in the management of affilliate programs. Most affiliate programs are managed by such companies. Whoever wants to run an affiliate program has to register
with a company of his choice and make payments as defined by the company.

These companies specialize in tracking sales done throughyour link and arranging to make the payment as per your affiliate program's terms and conditions.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Which is the Best Online Business?

There are many, many business models to choose from before starting an on-line business. Which one is good? Rather, which one is good for YOU? Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You will have to understand the basics of each Internet business model and then you will be in a position to figure out what is right for you. Here is some info on a profitable model and also a free report to collect more details.

It is not necessary one must stick to only one model. A beginner must focus on one chosen model until he succeeds in it. Only after tasting success, he must venture into other business models. Often, people read a story and then decide to experiment on that. Since they have lost their focus they often don't succeed.

You may keep studying, exploring different models because you may discover a particular type more suited to your attitude, skills, and availability of time. It is not the revenue-generating potential that is important. It is rather how it suits you. What is suitable to one may not be suitable to you.

You should take advantage of your talents, knowledge, skills and things that you enjoy doing. That way, you shall start earning more because of your focus, your enjoyment in doing your daily tasks, efficiency and productivity. Please feel free to put in your comments below.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wandering Towards Direct Response Heaven

This article by Clayton Makepeace, a renowned copywriter, focuses on the importance of dealing with EMOTIONS in a sales copy. A must-read for every aspiring copywriter. He explains how an appeal to emotions can trigger a positive response.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fatal End of Google Adwords Arbitrage Manipulators

See what happened to a venture capital company which indulged in over $100 million in Adwords arbitrage campaigns (leading to low quality score web contents) believing that Google would turn a blind eye. When Google discovers this million-dollar mis-ad-venture it unhesitatingly imposes its infamous "slap". Result: company disappears overnight!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How to Choose the Right Internet Business Model?

Before starting an online business, you have to decide which model of business you want to work with. There are several types of online businesses. Each one has its own difficulties and merits. What is suitable to one person may not be suitable to you. One type of business may be more profitable or easy than the other. You have to take various factors into consideration.

It all depends on your budget, time, knowledge, skills and attitudes. You may start with the one that you like and after you succeed in it and gain confidence, you can add another and then other models. The idea is you should find things comfortable and manageable.

We shall briefly dwell on basics of some of these business models which are ideal for beginners. Details are covered separately.

Affiliate marketing

This is the easiest business to start with to make your feet wet. You can sell a product as an affiliate (a.k.a. partner or associate) of a company. You sign up as an affiliate with a company. The company gives you a unique affiliate link ID which you use when you sell online. This link ID is used to track your sales for commission purposes. You earn your commission according to the terms and conditions of the company.

Wondering how do they track your sales? Technology makes it possible. Every computer has an ID for itself known as IP address. The Internet browser you use for surfing (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) saves small pieces of information related to you in your computer everytime you visit a site. These are called 'cookies'. When you visit a website, that website drops a cookie in your computer. When you visit the same site next time, the cookie recognizes your re-visit and sends information to the website. This way your computer 'remembers' your number of visits, user ID and your favorite pages.

Affiliate marketing method is the easiest way to earn online income. Thousands of companies will immediately accept you as an affiliate. You earn commissions on products you sold. The commission procedure is absolutely reliable. However, you should be careful to use the right ID provided to you in the way recommended.

Once you sign up as an affiliate for a particular product, you should learn how to promote your products on-line. Effective free methods are available. If you learn and implement them properly, there is no reason you can fail. Many are earning thousands of dollars. There are paid methods which involve spending on advertisements.

Though affiliate marketing can be done without a website, it is better to have one for better and steady income.

Affiliate marketing is the simplest of all and does not require you to have a website. However, you will need a list of addresses to send your emails. Ready-made mailing lists are available. You must choose them carefully because spamming (sending mails without the receivers' permission) is now a serious offence.

You will need to choose a product to sell. Having a website will generate more profits in the longterm. Choose a product (Read Choosing a products) depending on your interest in the topic. You will not only enjoy working but also gain some more knowledge along the way. Things will be easier.

There are many free resources on the Net to learn about Internet affiliate marketing. For one of the best sites giving away more free reliable information on affiliate marketing and more practical guidance at nominal charges **

Selling your own product

If you have the ability to create an information product you can market it all by yourself or find people (affiliates) to promote your product for a commission. Since it is your own product you get the full profit if you make the sale yourself. When affiliates are promoting your products at their expense and time, you will miss the commission portion but still you stand to gain in terms of your time and efforts. In fact, you are making a sale without doing anything. It is a win-win situation for both the product owner and the affiliate.

You can learn how to create your own product. It is not really very difficult.*

Selling on Ebay

Perhaps this is the easiest method to start with if you like selling physical products online. Ebay is the best place to sell. You can list your ad for free in ebay and after someone places an order you can rush to buy the product and despatch it to the purchaser. Remember you get the payment first. In a way, you can even start off without any money.

However, you should do some research and find out the hot selling products, where they are available at a cheaper price, and so on.

You sign up with ebay and the complete procedure is explained in the website very clearly. Here the trick is to find the right products and a cheaper way to acquire them.

I recommend this source to learn more about ebay marketing tips.*

Sunday, June 8, 2008

How Much Investment Needed for Online Business...

Many people wonder how much it would cost to start an online business. They also believe that it would be very expensive as it involves technology.

It is natural when you decide to enter Internet business the first question that comes to mind is how much investment would be required. Okay, let me bare the facts.

I assume you have a fast computer and an Internet connection.

Online business has some unique aspects. You can get started without any investments at all. Of course, like in any business, the more you invest the faster and better your returns. Provided, you do things right.

In general, you should ideally start with around $100 if you are serious about it. It is possible to succeed with little or no investment. But ask yourself whether you have the right mental attitude, skills, dedication, time and efforts. If the answer is 'yes' then you are on the right track.

If you simply want to try it out as an experiment or just want to test the waters, you can literally start with nothing except for your computer, Internet connection and your time. After you taste success you can plunge full scale and expand your business to your heart's desire.

If you are willing to set up your own website then the costs as well as the returns will be higher. You will have the responsibility to get and manage the contents for your website.

You can buy related articles for a very cheap rate sometimes as low as one buck or less per article. These articles are sold with Public Label Rights licence which means you are free to modify the articles and publish them in your name. This will save your time and efforts researching and writing the articles.

The free method involves using free-to-publish articles from article directories. There is no cost here. However, you must follow the terms and conditions. You have no rights to make any changes to the article and must publish the author's name and his/her personal details at the end of the article (known as 'bio-box').

You can design the website yourself or get it done by professional designers. If you outsource the work, you can start working from day one (provided your web designer does it faster than you could). Outsourcing increases your cost but leaves you with ample time to focus on promotion which in turn can pay off quick returns.

The designing charges may vary depending on the location, expertise and experience of the designer.This job can be outsourced cheaply on the Internet.

Web designing is not difficult to learn but takes quite some time. However, you must be willing to learn with patience and persistence as in any walk of life. Believe me it is not at all difficult as there are video tutorials available to take you step by step along the way.

If you are new to web designing and want to do it yourself it can take much longer to set up your web site on the Net. It is not necessary you should have a perfect-looking design when you start with.

With today's technology you can design a page yourself quickly. You simply type your articles or sales letter on sample pre-designed page of your choice (known as 'template') and your website is ready. And then you simply learn to upload your web pages to your hosting server so that people can access your site via Internet.

To run and maintain websites means you will have to update your web sites with fresh content periodically. For this you should put aside some money for contents.

Since the Internet world has too many suppliers - whether it is contents, design or programming - you get them all at cheap rates. But you should be aware of possible problems that may arise when you outsource everything on a budget. This is where some basic technical knowledge on your part helps. When you understand at least some basic aspects of the technical part people cannot take you for a ride. Also, you can make small but important changes on your web site at any time without depending on your designer or web master.

After your websites are done, there will come hosting expenditures. Web hosting is a recurring expenditure and costs start from $5 upwards. A reliable and efficient webhost will charge you $20 upwards. You may find some offering very cheap rates; but remember you will have to check out the hidden costs.

Cheaper hosting always comes with add-on expenses. For example, a cheaper web hosting company cannot provide fast and efficient services and will bill you for some essential add-ons at a later stage. And you may not be happy with them. However, to start with, you can always try out a cheaper company. And later you can upgrade to a better hosting service plan with the same company or another.

Besides hosting, you will need the services of a mailing company to send and receive hundreds of mails,newsletters, special offers to your prospects. Here again, there are free and paid services. The best paid service in the market comes with the price tag of $20 per month. So you will have to budget for your recurring expenses which are likely to be at least in the region of $10 - 20 per month.

I shall be providing you with both free and paid web hosting, mailing service sources along with comparison.

So in general, you must be prepared to shell out about $20 - 30 per month minimum on your website alone. As I said earlier, you can always try out free or cheap sources till you start earning enough to afford a better service.

Ater putting up websites comes traffic. What is a website if no one visits your page? You need people to visit your website. How will you do it? There are again several free and paid ways to do it. This will be covered in detail in the web traffic section. You will need to reserve some amount for advertising and other promotional expenses. The amount you spend is entirely up to you.

When you spend money on various methods of promoting your site, you should also know which method is bringing in better returns on investment (ROI). In Internet, it is possible to track your ad spend and identify the sources which is bringing you the moolah. For this, you will incur tracking expenses.

Here again, you have a choice of free, low cost and high cost sources to track the profitable as well as loss-making methods. This is covered separately. Tracking and analysing the results will also take away some of your time.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Business

While talking about Internet business only the advantages come to mind. They are plenty and obvious. And the disadvantages are only a few and are applicable to some only. Since the merits outweigh the demerits, we tend to safely ignore the disadvantages.

However, you must be aware of the disadvantages. That's because Internet business may not suit everyone's attitude, mentality, beliefs and knowledge and skill levels.

So let us deal with the disadvantages first.

  • You need to cope with technology or employ people to handle the technical part of it. In other words, you must be familiar with Internet and computer usage. (But believe me it is not at all that hard as you might think because of the terminology you hear often. The factors you must consider are:
* You must be willing to face technical failures or problems which may arise occasionally leading to financial losses.
* You have to learn a lot in order to succeed. The learning curve may be steeper for some. Most people who fail have done it the wrong way. It is important you follow the right way in a systematic manner.
* You should take it up in a disciplined manner. Daily allot some time for this work.
* You should be willing to do research where needed to select the right profitable business area (niche).

The advantages of online business are obvious to the general user.

  • Little or no investment to start with
  • No overheads like office space, warehouses, billing and management employees; everything is fully automated
  • Can be operated from any part of the world
  • Can work with flexible timings - day or night
  • Can take long vacations
  • Financial freedom in the long run
  • and many more...

These are the reasons why many people jump on it. Why should you suffer the 9 to 5 job after all if you can earn from home?

In a survey conducted, about 40 percent of US office goers expressed their desire to work from home. However, one should not enter Internet business by suddenly giving up the job.

The fact is not everyone can appreciate and tackle the work involved in Internet business. The sales letter you read from Internet marketers will claim things are as easy as opening a car door and life will become smooth as a bed of roses. Don't be carried away by such fancy sales letters. It is their business to try and trick to win clients. It is your business to exercise wisdom, control and judgment. Never get carried away by get-rich-quick schemes either. There is no such thing as free lunch. You have to work hard in the initial years to get yourself up step-by-step.

That's why I have included a page on the life of an Internet marketer. So you get the idea. If you believe you can do all such work given there, then it is for you. If you are capable of learning the basics, then it is for you. If you have very little money but are willing to give your best in terms of time and efforts, then it is for you. If you have huge money to invest in order to get it managed by others then it is for you.

So go to the next section and take a look at the work ahead.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lesson 1: What is Online Business

There are many who do not understand what online business is. Some think that it is only for big companies. And for some it is only for technical people. There are some more who believe that it requires huge investments.

It is time their confusion is cleared. I decided to present a series of articles on the topic of Internet business or work from home business in a simple way they can understand . Not only that, they can actually plunge into online business and profit from it with the information I am providing here. So watch out for articles every other day.

What is online business?

Any business that is conducted through the medium of Internet can be called on-line business or Internet business.

A business may be also carried out off-line (outside of Internet - the traditional way) in addition to the main online route. This way the Internet business is supported or complemented by the brick and mortar model.

It has now become a necessity for all small and medium scale business or even for some professionals to have an online presence to support their offline business activities for more business and profits, publicity, advertisement, expansion or simply for the sake of prestige.

What exactly is done online? Online does not necessarily mean business done through web sites alone You can do business online through your emails, blogs, and an advertisement on a website or through an e-book. Reaching people globally online has become much easier because everyday millions of people use the Internet to find information, to buy things, to research, to find relationships or business partners and things like that.

Every year online transactions as well as the number of people entering the Internet are increasing by leaps and bounds. In fact small companies and individuals have a better chance of doing successful business online because of its anonymous nature, global reach, low investment and ease of use.

Some people ask me whether online business areas are overcrowded. Okay, in some popular areas it is. But just look at the shops in your neighborhood. You will see thousands of shops selling same things side by side. Yet everyone is getting business.

There are many who have their part-time business carried out through their emails alone.

They find or buy approved (safe) mailing lists and send information on the products they are dealing with regularly to potential buyers. At one time or other the prospect buys from the person depending upon the relationship he has built and the service he renders. This is known as e-mail marketing.

Two kinds of business can be done online: physical products and digital products. When you sell a physical product you have to collect the money first and then pack the material and safely deliver them to the clients.

This kind of online business involves extra responsibilities, labor and after-sales care. Also there is the risk of product getting lost or damaged during transportation. However, this business has potential for long-term sustainability. Everything depends on how well you service your customers.

In the case of digital products, there is no such headache of storing or warehousing the products, packaging them and sending them. In the case of digital products, once a product like an informative e-book, or music or speech can be easily stored in the computer and copies can be taken as many times as needed to meet the demand. Above all, there is instant delivery of the product ordered. As running this kind of business is much easier, most people go after information products.

However, selling physical products can be more profitable if done rightly. Information products are easy to sell as minimum customer care requirements are required.

There are quite a few books in Amazon. You may like to check out it on the
My Picks column on the right.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mindset Matters...for Internet Marketers

What is mindset and how does it matter?

Since we all have a unique mind (often not even known to ourselves) what we tend to think or habitually think soon forms a solid mental pattern from which we cannot escape.

According to, mindset is:
" 1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations.
2. An inclination or a habit."

What we think, say or do or even what we experience is very much determined by our mental attitudes. Attitudes, in turn, are formed by our usual type of thoughts.

In short, we create our own circumstances - including our success in Internet marketing. That there is a strong co-relation between our attitude and success is well established. Some of us know it. Yet we find it very difficult to change our attitudes for the better.

So how do we change our attitude to succeed in IM?

Well, wait for more juice on the topic in the coming days...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yesterday, I spoke about practical aspects of Internet marketing. Rather practical obstacles of Internet marketing.

Why does theory fail when it comes to practice? Theory talks about the positive aspects. Practice deals with the negative nature of the human mind.

Mind always resists change. It doesn't want to leave its comfort zone. It wants the survival of its own beliefs settings. Change it, it will hang or crash.

So when you want change in your mental settings (what you already know), it is not possible with one click. You have to practice the new belief regularly until the mind accepts it as part of its own.

Everything comes with practice. You might have heard the saying 'Practice makes perfect'. With repetition, mind accepts and learns to live with it. Then things go easy for you. So never need to give up under any circumstances. All that is needed is patience and persistence. That is part of the game. Any game.

You can only take one step at a time. Take that step well. The next step will be secure and easy. Learn to do one thing at a time and stick with it. Complete a task already taken.

Multitasking is a necessary evil these days. But take only a few items you can definitely handle and handle them intelligently and innovatively. Focus on one item, complete it before moving to another.

If it is a huge task, break it up into small manageable chunks.

Prioritize things and do not look back at things undone.

There are many ways you can increase your creativity and productivity. Everything boils down to effective time management. Speed reading courses help in saving time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Practical Aspects Of Internet Business

What does the online business entail besides selling? What kind of work the Internet business man has to perform in order to remain in business?

As I told you earlier, these marketers will say everything is as easy as shutting your car door. In practicality, things are different. They are far from the truth. You must be prepared.

The No. 1 resource required for the Internet entrepreneur is time. He has to make time. The more quality time you spend on your business the better results you will have.

Someone can accomplish a task in 30 minutues what another does in three hours. Needless to say it depends upon one's experience, skill levels, money power, enthusiasm and dedication.

Naturally, a beginner will need more time to accomplish even so-called easy things. Remember, Internet involves technology. It is a marriage between technology and arts.

What are the tasks a beginner is expected to do?

Reading - do you have sufficient time to read books to gather knowledge on marketing as well as some basics of technology?

Writing - do you have the writing skills? Or willing to learn basic writing skills? Or do you have the money and know-how to get writing done by others?

Knowledge - have you done some research to find the cheapest and best sources to implement the technological side like web hosting, installing scripts and programs on the server, setting up accounts, etc.? Even if you are out-sourcing, it is better to know the basics to avoid people taking you for a ride.

emails - do you have the time and ability to read and reply too many emails? Can you filter out the wheat from the chaff?

They are easy. But they don't come easy.

Instant writing software, instant automation software and all such things take several instants - sometimes hours to days - to implement.

So besides money, you should think about how much disposable time you have. If you have less than two hours to spend per day then be prepared to for a long haul before you see first sign of success.

I am not saying instant success is impossible. A minority has achieved that. In theory, you can start earning within 15 minutes of starting your online business. A few have experienced that. But those things don't repeat often.

What I am essentially saying is beware of the sales letters cleverly crafted to draw people into this business so that the marketer makes a quick buck.

Buy things on the Internet. But be prepared for a long haul.

Don't believe in instant results. Or you will be disappointed.

Friday, March 28, 2008

So you are thinking of plunging into Internet marketing? You are convinced that it is easy and is sure it is going to rain money. You have learned something from the books and you know the first steps.

Now is the time to - Look before you leap.

Don't believe the Internet gurus. Their success story may be true but the lessons will not necessarily apply to all. People are different. Different in education, mindset, skillset, budget, and so on.

Ask them how many years it took to reach the present stage.

When they tell you there is no need to work hard, they are actually saying 'buy my expensive book and you don't have to work hard. Cash will flow into your coffers'.

It is their style and they have to maintain their status after all. But you think for yourself. If there is any obvious good thing take it and leave the chaff.

When you are new to Internet marketing you really have to learn a lot on the practical side. They will say it is easy to set up a website within seconds, easy to write article in 10 minitues and so on. Just take it with a pinch of salt. If they told the truth you will become useless to them. At least that's what they think.

To tell you the truth, in the initial years, you have to sweat it out. There will be teething problems and you may even be tempted to give up. You will be suffering information overload and things will come to a standstill. That is point you turn either right or left.

Always think and take your own decisions. In my next blog, I shall expand it further.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Great Profitable Resource for Newbies in Net Marketing

Today I came across a wonderful dependable resource on Internet Marketing useful particularly for newbies. Even advanced marketers should benefit from it because the source itself comes from top class Internet marketers who made it to the millionaires' club.

When very successful marketers reveal their secrets on mundane topics the world listens. What led them to the riches? What techniques did they use? How did they succeed?

Every Internet marketer knows marketing has basically to do with email marketing, Internet marketing, advertising, free promotions, press releases, effective copy-writing and the like. But the Internet experts also use the very same marketing methods. What makes them stand apart is their techniques. Tried and proven techniques.

And normally they don't easily reveal them. Because who would want to lose their status? They would not like their tricks to get diluted. It may interfere with their future. Mass copying of techniques means others will soon take over.

Wait. There is good news.

A gentleman named Dr. Mark DeBrincat has done a fine job by contacting at least 25 of the Web's richest millionaires and extracting the secrets of success and a host of tips on practical internet marketing.

Why did he do that? Simple ...

It is something few have done before. Dr. Mark had the "privilege" of getting a "sneak peek" insider scoop at 25 of the World's top Internet marketers' collection of best-kept secrets - "secrets" that enable these same millionaires to occupy the top positions while everybody else is struggling to make a living online.

Dr. Mark has compiled a collection of 53 of the best-kept secrets from the 25 Internet experts (millionaires!) and has revealed them all to the public.

Each of the 53 secrets is actually a report by itself. Each report provides specific detailed instructions on how to carry out the task in the effective way. He has covered all the fundamental areas: 1. Email marketing 2. Internet marketing 3. Advertising 4. Free promotions 5. Press releases 6. Effective copywriting and more.

You may think what is so great about Internet marketing. I know all those things. I too advertise. I too do promotions. Send press releases. And all that routine stuff.

Here is the catch.

There is a huge difference between what you and I know and what the actual successful Internet marketers know. Likewise, just because you may be into email marketing to some extent, it doesn't mean that you know "email marketing" like the one Internet expert (from among the 25 Internet experts) who's making $60 million a year online from just email marketing alone!

Or, like one of the other experts (again from the 25 Internet experts) who makes over $180 million a year using just 1-page mini websites that contain no graphics, and nothing fancy, yet which churn out cash by the ton daily.

How are they doing this?

For that you will have to read "25 Internet Experts".

Dr. Mark details the exact steps to take outlining what these experts are doing. That's perhaps just a degree or two off from the mainstream (and that's what makes all the difference in the World!)

It is understood that these top gurus are now worried that since Dr. Mark is making his info collection readily available, the secrets to Internet wealth may fall into hands of ordinary folks.

If you'd like more information about Dr. Mark's work, you can go here and get a better idea of exactly what he's offering. Here is the link: