Monday, April 14, 2008

Mindset Matters...for Internet Marketers

What is mindset and how does it matter?

Since we all have a unique mind (often not even known to ourselves) what we tend to think or habitually think soon forms a solid mental pattern from which we cannot escape.

According to, mindset is:
" 1. A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations.
2. An inclination or a habit."

What we think, say or do or even what we experience is very much determined by our mental attitudes. Attitudes, in turn, are formed by our usual type of thoughts.

In short, we create our own circumstances - including our success in Internet marketing. That there is a strong co-relation between our attitude and success is well established. Some of us know it. Yet we find it very difficult to change our attitudes for the better.

So how do we change our attitude to succeed in IM?

Well, wait for more juice on the topic in the coming days...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yesterday, I spoke about practical aspects of Internet marketing. Rather practical obstacles of Internet marketing.

Why does theory fail when it comes to practice? Theory talks about the positive aspects. Practice deals with the negative nature of the human mind.

Mind always resists change. It doesn't want to leave its comfort zone. It wants the survival of its own beliefs settings. Change it, it will hang or crash.

So when you want change in your mental settings (what you already know), it is not possible with one click. You have to practice the new belief regularly until the mind accepts it as part of its own.

Everything comes with practice. You might have heard the saying 'Practice makes perfect'. With repetition, mind accepts and learns to live with it. Then things go easy for you. So never need to give up under any circumstances. All that is needed is patience and persistence. That is part of the game. Any game.

You can only take one step at a time. Take that step well. The next step will be secure and easy. Learn to do one thing at a time and stick with it. Complete a task already taken.

Multitasking is a necessary evil these days. But take only a few items you can definitely handle and handle them intelligently and innovatively. Focus on one item, complete it before moving to another.

If it is a huge task, break it up into small manageable chunks.

Prioritize things and do not look back at things undone.

There are many ways you can increase your creativity and productivity. Everything boils down to effective time management. Speed reading courses help in saving time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Practical Aspects Of Internet Business

What does the online business entail besides selling? What kind of work the Internet business man has to perform in order to remain in business?

As I told you earlier, these marketers will say everything is as easy as shutting your car door. In practicality, things are different. They are far from the truth. You must be prepared.

The No. 1 resource required for the Internet entrepreneur is time. He has to make time. The more quality time you spend on your business the better results you will have.

Someone can accomplish a task in 30 minutues what another does in three hours. Needless to say it depends upon one's experience, skill levels, money power, enthusiasm and dedication.

Naturally, a beginner will need more time to accomplish even so-called easy things. Remember, Internet involves technology. It is a marriage between technology and arts.

What are the tasks a beginner is expected to do?

Reading - do you have sufficient time to read books to gather knowledge on marketing as well as some basics of technology?

Writing - do you have the writing skills? Or willing to learn basic writing skills? Or do you have the money and know-how to get writing done by others?

Knowledge - have you done some research to find the cheapest and best sources to implement the technological side like web hosting, installing scripts and programs on the server, setting up accounts, etc.? Even if you are out-sourcing, it is better to know the basics to avoid people taking you for a ride.

emails - do you have the time and ability to read and reply too many emails? Can you filter out the wheat from the chaff?

They are easy. But they don't come easy.

Instant writing software, instant automation software and all such things take several instants - sometimes hours to days - to implement.

So besides money, you should think about how much disposable time you have. If you have less than two hours to spend per day then be prepared to for a long haul before you see first sign of success.

I am not saying instant success is impossible. A minority has achieved that. In theory, you can start earning within 15 minutes of starting your online business. A few have experienced that. But those things don't repeat often.

What I am essentially saying is beware of the sales letters cleverly crafted to draw people into this business so that the marketer makes a quick buck.

Buy things on the Internet. But be prepared for a long haul.

Don't believe in instant results. Or you will be disappointed.