Friday, March 28, 2008

So you are thinking of plunging into Internet marketing? You are convinced that it is easy and is sure it is going to rain money. You have learned something from the books and you know the first steps.

Now is the time to - Look before you leap.

Don't believe the Internet gurus. Their success story may be true but the lessons will not necessarily apply to all. People are different. Different in education, mindset, skillset, budget, and so on.

Ask them how many years it took to reach the present stage.

When they tell you there is no need to work hard, they are actually saying 'buy my expensive book and you don't have to work hard. Cash will flow into your coffers'.

It is their style and they have to maintain their status after all. But you think for yourself. If there is any obvious good thing take it and leave the chaff.

When you are new to Internet marketing you really have to learn a lot on the practical side. They will say it is easy to set up a website within seconds, easy to write article in 10 minitues and so on. Just take it with a pinch of salt. If they told the truth you will become useless to them. At least that's what they think.

To tell you the truth, in the initial years, you have to sweat it out. There will be teething problems and you may even be tempted to give up. You will be suffering information overload and things will come to a standstill. That is point you turn either right or left.

Always think and take your own decisions. In my next blog, I shall expand it further.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Great Profitable Resource for Newbies in Net Marketing

Today I came across a wonderful dependable resource on Internet Marketing useful particularly for newbies. Even advanced marketers should benefit from it because the source itself comes from top class Internet marketers who made it to the millionaires' club.

When very successful marketers reveal their secrets on mundane topics the world listens. What led them to the riches? What techniques did they use? How did they succeed?

Every Internet marketer knows marketing has basically to do with email marketing, Internet marketing, advertising, free promotions, press releases, effective copy-writing and the like. But the Internet experts also use the very same marketing methods. What makes them stand apart is their techniques. Tried and proven techniques.

And normally they don't easily reveal them. Because who would want to lose their status? They would not like their tricks to get diluted. It may interfere with their future. Mass copying of techniques means others will soon take over.

Wait. There is good news.

A gentleman named Dr. Mark DeBrincat has done a fine job by contacting at least 25 of the Web's richest millionaires and extracting the secrets of success and a host of tips on practical internet marketing.

Why did he do that? Simple ...

It is something few have done before. Dr. Mark had the "privilege" of getting a "sneak peek" insider scoop at 25 of the World's top Internet marketers' collection of best-kept secrets - "secrets" that enable these same millionaires to occupy the top positions while everybody else is struggling to make a living online.

Dr. Mark has compiled a collection of 53 of the best-kept secrets from the 25 Internet experts (millionaires!) and has revealed them all to the public.

Each of the 53 secrets is actually a report by itself. Each report provides specific detailed instructions on how to carry out the task in the effective way. He has covered all the fundamental areas: 1. Email marketing 2. Internet marketing 3. Advertising 4. Free promotions 5. Press releases 6. Effective copywriting and more.

You may think what is so great about Internet marketing. I know all those things. I too advertise. I too do promotions. Send press releases. And all that routine stuff.

Here is the catch.

There is a huge difference between what you and I know and what the actual successful Internet marketers know. Likewise, just because you may be into email marketing to some extent, it doesn't mean that you know "email marketing" like the one Internet expert (from among the 25 Internet experts) who's making $60 million a year online from just email marketing alone!

Or, like one of the other experts (again from the 25 Internet experts) who makes over $180 million a year using just 1-page mini websites that contain no graphics, and nothing fancy, yet which churn out cash by the ton daily.

How are they doing this?

For that you will have to read "25 Internet Experts".

Dr. Mark details the exact steps to take outlining what these experts are doing. That's perhaps just a degree or two off from the mainstream (and that's what makes all the difference in the World!)

It is understood that these top gurus are now worried that since Dr. Mark is making his info collection readily available, the secrets to Internet wealth may fall into hands of ordinary folks.

If you'd like more information about Dr. Mark's work, you can go here and get a better idea of exactly what he's offering. Here is the link:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is a website really needed to start an online business?

Today, I just want to talk about whether it is necessary to have a website in order to start an on-line business.

When people think of on-line business, websites come to mind. They imagine an e-commerce site with all the bells and whistles attached. True, once upon a time business was done only through websites. Today, with advanced technology, things are different - fortunately.

This is not to say that website is not essential. Having a website means better income, faster growth, wider market and long-term benefits. But owning a website also means recurring expenses in terms of hosting, content management, daily time to maintain, and ability to deal with website programming problems and the like.

It is better total beginners start business without a website at first just to grasp the fundamentals of the game and then graduate to advanced things. This way you can avoid the frustration that may follow when you plunge wholesale into on-line business without knowing the whole thing.

Even people who don't have the seed investment to start an on-line business with an e-commerce website, can really sell things and make money. How?

There are many proven ways to sell things without owning products, without handling the products and without dispatching the products! And you pocket the commissions. The commission could range anywhere between 20 - 70 percent and sometimes even 100 percent!

Let me list some of them:
  1. you can sell other peoples' products as an affiliate (an associate or partner of a company)
  2. you can promote the products of your choice by sending e-mails with your affiliate link (your affiliate ID tracking code embeded in it)
  3. you can place paid advertisements in ezines with your affilate ID link in it
  4. you can place free ads in some selected advertising websites
  5. you can write articles about the product and submit it to a reputed ezine, again with your link
  6. you can participate in Forum discussions and display your link to your product owner website
  7. Finally, you can place PPC ads in search engines (like google) to promote your product owner's website with your link
If you are wondering how you are going to do all these, don't worry. Stay with me. I shall reveal every method in detail. All that is required of you is a willing, disciplined and enterprising mind. You can start part-time or full time depending on your time resources. You only need a computer with an Internet connection to the world.

Standby for my next post.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome To My First Online Business Blog!

Online Business Secrets Exposed

Hi All,

Better late than never. I just entered the blogosphere. I welcome you.

Looking for some solid information and tips on starting and running an online business? You are in the right place.

Once you get the information it is no more a secret. It is up to you to implement the knowledge or tips and make money out of it.

You will get to read a lot of valuable information here. Of course, every now and then, I shall be also giving away some free stuff such as software, books, short reports, etc. Plus, I shall be revealing useful free as well as paid resources for your quick success. That's my way of showing gratitude for sticking with me.

The information I shall be sharing with you alone will be worth several dollars if converted into an e-book or something. While I have researched and collected tons of useful information on successfully running an on-line business, I also have hands-on experience in the field. I am not going to claim that I make millions every month.

Way back in the late nineties, during the Internet boom years, I left my job as a journalist and ventured into green pastures of Internet content editing field. The work was hard, learning curve steep and the pay was handsome. Whoever knew that green pastures are not meant to be ever-green!

Sure, the dot-com bubble burst. And my finances too. Everyone said that was the end of Internet. Some sane voices argued that just cannot be the case. Today, the Internet is blooming thriving and growing at a faster pace than ever.

Technology has made life simpler for the common man as well as for the super man. I just type my blog and people searching for my kind of information find it instantly. And they use it, make money out of it or simply enjoy reading it... They prosper. You prosper. I prosper. That is online business.

The beautiful thing about online business is it is recession-proof. Recession does not hit all the countries in the world all at once. There are always some flourishing countries while some economies are fading away. Internet is global and so there is always opportunity for everybody to thrive.

So on-line business for you and me and all. It is my business to see to it you get the right information. It is my joy to share with you the right tips so that you do not have to suffer the effects of trial and error that I went through. True to it name -- inter - net --the network of global information will provide food for thought, food for the soul and food for the body.

So keep an eye on this blog. I shall be posting at least twice a week in the beginning.

Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions, etc.

Have a great day!

Jo Kumar