Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome To My First Online Business Blog!

Online Business Secrets Exposed

Hi All,

Better late than never. I just entered the blogosphere. I welcome you.

Looking for some solid information and tips on starting and running an online business? You are in the right place.

Once you get the information it is no more a secret. It is up to you to implement the knowledge or tips and make money out of it.

You will get to read a lot of valuable information here. Of course, every now and then, I shall be also giving away some free stuff such as software, books, short reports, etc. Plus, I shall be revealing useful free as well as paid resources for your quick success. That's my way of showing gratitude for sticking with me.

The information I shall be sharing with you alone will be worth several dollars if converted into an e-book or something. While I have researched and collected tons of useful information on successfully running an on-line business, I also have hands-on experience in the field. I am not going to claim that I make millions every month.

Way back in the late nineties, during the Internet boom years, I left my job as a journalist and ventured into green pastures of Internet content editing field. The work was hard, learning curve steep and the pay was handsome. Whoever knew that green pastures are not meant to be ever-green!

Sure, the dot-com bubble burst. And my finances too. Everyone said that was the end of Internet. Some sane voices argued that just cannot be the case. Today, the Internet is blooming thriving and growing at a faster pace than ever.

Technology has made life simpler for the common man as well as for the super man. I just type my blog and people searching for my kind of information find it instantly. And they use it, make money out of it or simply enjoy reading it... They prosper. You prosper. I prosper. That is online business.

The beautiful thing about online business is it is recession-proof. Recession does not hit all the countries in the world all at once. There are always some flourishing countries while some economies are fading away. Internet is global and so there is always opportunity for everybody to thrive.

So on-line business for you and me and all. It is my business to see to it you get the right information. It is my joy to share with you the right tips so that you do not have to suffer the effects of trial and error that I went through. True to it name -- inter - net --the network of global information will provide food for thought, food for the soul and food for the body.

So keep an eye on this blog. I shall be posting at least twice a week in the beginning.

Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions, etc.

Have a great day!

Jo Kumar

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