Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Review of ProfitLance System

"Review of Profitlance"

The ProfitLance System has repeatedly received rave reviews from users. I wanted to check it out myself before writing a review. After using the system for more than two full months, I am convinced that this is THE system for aspiring Internet marketers.

What is Profitlance?

Profitlance is a system created by Mike. It is essentially an Internet marketing coaching system for newbies along with practical tools to make money online. Normally, Internet marketing teaching involves selling an ebook and forget the user afterwards.

What happens? The user only has bits and pieces of information. He does not know where to start with. Soon he ends up buying more and more ebooks and finally suffers from information overload. This results in inaction. The aspiring marketer may decide to quit as he finds it difficult to cope with. This vacuum is addressed by Profitlance system.

The Profitlance system keeps the newbie Internet marketer in mind and delivers just the needed information. So there is really no need to buy further ebooks until they succeed in using the system. This clears the information overload and resulting negative effects.

How Profitlance System Works?

1. It provides all basic information needed to start online business working from home
2. It provides real sample websites which are hosted at the company's expense on the user's name
3. It also provides adsense websites every single week which the user may host whenever he is ready
4. It even provides landing page creating software on its site which is a very valuable feature

With all the needed information and how-to-implement text and video tutorials, it is very difficult for any one to go wrong. When using Profitlance system, you need not look for another source elsewhere. You have got an all-in-one-place learning and implementing center.I have not come across any similar system which provides value for money.

Any disadvantage? 

1. No frequent updates to the site
2. The author doesn't maintain relationship with participants through newsletters and extra tips
3. The support system is not easy to access.

Despite the minor weak points, I feel the Profitlance system provides total value for money. Though it is a life-time membership, you pay a one-time measly payment of $77. According to Mike, he plans to increase it shortly because of the demand.

Best of all, the system relieves you from information overload. Just stick to the system and don't look at other ebooks. I am not saying ignore other things. To avoid information overload and make quick money, focus on the methods and tools the system provides initially.Once you succeed in making money, you will be in a position to learn how to make websites leisurely or even hire some one to do it. Then you can buy more and more ebooks and learn further advanced aspects about Internet marketing of information products or others.

This is ideal panacea for newbie Internet marketers who are caught up in a dilemma where to start or how to start. The system, unlike ebooks, provide all the information, tips besides giving you websites in your name to run your own business. However, the tools provided should be taken as a learning process. You must graduate to setting up you own websites later on along the principles and models the system provides.

The system is definitely value for money. If you are an aspiring Internet marketer with no knowledge or you are an Internet marketer struggling with website creation and blocks, then this system is a practical remedy. Go and get it before the price increases.

Get the ProfitLance System now.

Friday, December 19, 2008

3 Affiliate Link Mistakes That Can Cost Affiliate Marketers Dearly...

New affiliate marketers tend to handle things haphazardly. Not that they don't have the knowledge but because they get carried away by the pressures of the day. In their eagerness to promote products, they neglect or are ignorant of important mistakes that can cost them heavily.

1. Not cloaking affiliate link: It is important to cloak the affiliate link using link cloaking software. It is available on the Net, both free and paid versions. Alternately, you may use URL shrinking services such as When you enter your original affiliate link URL you will get an entirely different output which is small, neat and clean. However, when the visitor clicks on the link they will be taken to your affiliate link website. A naked unprotected link is vulnerable to misuse sometimes. Imagine the money lost even if it is only for 10 percent of abuse.

2. Not checking the working of the link: The simple act of checking can save you tons of money. It is possible there is a spelling mistake, or the full link was not copied and pasted properly. Such habitual precautionary measures can avoid you losses.

3. Using the wrong affiliate link: Newbie affiliates blindly sign up for several affiliate programs and sometimes forget to use right link. This means the link takes them to the wrong landing page of another affiliate program. Which means loss of visitor.