Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Great Profitable Resource for Newbies in Net Marketing

Today I came across a wonderful dependable resource on Internet Marketing useful particularly for newbies. Even advanced marketers should benefit from it because the source itself comes from top class Internet marketers who made it to the millionaires' club.

When very successful marketers reveal their secrets on mundane topics the world listens. What led them to the riches? What techniques did they use? How did they succeed?

Every Internet marketer knows marketing has basically to do with email marketing, Internet marketing, advertising, free promotions, press releases, effective copy-writing and the like. But the Internet experts also use the very same marketing methods. What makes them stand apart is their techniques. Tried and proven techniques.

And normally they don't easily reveal them. Because who would want to lose their status? They would not like their tricks to get diluted. It may interfere with their future. Mass copying of techniques means others will soon take over.

Wait. There is good news.

A gentleman named Dr. Mark DeBrincat has done a fine job by contacting at least 25 of the Web's richest millionaires and extracting the secrets of success and a host of tips on practical internet marketing.

Why did he do that? Simple ...

It is something few have done before. Dr. Mark had the "privilege" of getting a "sneak peek" insider scoop at 25 of the World's top Internet marketers' collection of best-kept secrets - "secrets" that enable these same millionaires to occupy the top positions while everybody else is struggling to make a living online.

Dr. Mark has compiled a collection of 53 of the best-kept secrets from the 25 Internet experts (millionaires!) and has revealed them all to the public.

Each of the 53 secrets is actually a report by itself. Each report provides specific detailed instructions on how to carry out the task in the effective way. He has covered all the fundamental areas: 1. Email marketing 2. Internet marketing 3. Advertising 4. Free promotions 5. Press releases 6. Effective copywriting and more.

You may think what is so great about Internet marketing. I know all those things. I too advertise. I too do promotions. Send press releases. And all that routine stuff.

Here is the catch.

There is a huge difference between what you and I know and what the actual successful Internet marketers know. Likewise, just because you may be into email marketing to some extent, it doesn't mean that you know "email marketing" like the one Internet expert (from among the 25 Internet experts) who's making $60 million a year online from just email marketing alone!

Or, like one of the other experts (again from the 25 Internet experts) who makes over $180 million a year using just 1-page mini websites that contain no graphics, and nothing fancy, yet which churn out cash by the ton daily.

How are they doing this?

For that you will have to read "25 Internet Experts".

Dr. Mark details the exact steps to take outlining what these experts are doing. That's perhaps just a degree or two off from the mainstream (and that's what makes all the difference in the World!)

It is understood that these top gurus are now worried that since Dr. Mark is making his info collection readily available, the secrets to Internet wealth may fall into hands of ordinary folks.

If you'd like more information about Dr. Mark's work, you can go here and get a better idea of exactly what he's offering. Here is the link:

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