Friday, July 18, 2008

Seeking answers of peace for the global economy | csmonitor.

"People are hungering for solutions. We encourage everyone to seek that aid and wisdom that lie beyond human abilities..." says an article from Christian Science Monitor.

The monster recession is slowly eating into the economy and peoples lives. Is there a solution? For problems, solutions have to be found within and not without.

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What I want to say...

What has Internet marketing to do with recession or global economy? Well, for one thing, Internet is global. Even if one part of the world is affected by recession, the rest of the world not affected by it, is still favorable to Internet marketing.

In any case recession mostly affects poor people. With all their low-thinking they attract low-quality things around them.(Believe it or not, it is a fact). Secondly, people who buy regularly over the Net are not generally poor like the average citizen. They buy things as and when they want - recession or no recession.

And there are recession-proof products and services - like health products for example. Internet marketing is something any one can do from home. It is recession-proof. That's one reason I encourage anyone to take it up. There is room for every one. Internet is a give-and-take global economy. It is not one way. So it will always flourish.

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