Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beware of Internet Frauds!

While Internet is a great source for generating income by conducting genuine business, there are several fraudsters working full time to have their share of easy money.

If only they would spend the same money, energy, time and efforts on developing a genuine business (instead of indulging in frauds)... how nice it would be! They would gain even greater profits. They would be blessing to one and all.

Unfortunately, these wolves among sheep work hard in cheating people with false promises in their sales letter in order to garner money. That not all people ask for a refund works to their advantage. They know it and are simply taking advantage of it.

Anyway, such elements are minority and everyone may come across them once in a while. Not everyone can recognize them. Only experienced people who have been cheated earlier will think twice before clicking a link on them.

Even some reputed Internet marketers indulge in cheating practices (they may think it is their clever marketing ploy, while actually it is outright cheating. It is just that they have lost their sensitivity to ethics. Or, could it be that it is the handiwork of their business management staff?

My suggestion is, if you are sure you have been cheated (please read the sales letter again and again to read any fine print before taking action), please do not hesitate to ask for a refund. Write to them politely that you did not get what you were promised in the sales letter and that you want an immediate refund.

I have been cheated by at least two. One of them comes under a so-called reputed category. That's why I thought I should send out warning bells. After getting the refund, now one of them is sending out all spammy mails to me under different names to promote similar fraudulant products. I keep unsubscribing them. Finally, it stopped.

Beware of data-entry jobs. They are the most fraudulant ones. They often promote actual business which involves copywriting and business skills which the ordinary individual is unlikely to have. They promise $200 per day income with data entry jobs!

There is nothing wrong in promoting a genuine business. What is wrong is promoting it to ordinary average individuals who are likely to fail and lose their money. Because, in this type of profitable (for 5% of people) copy-writing (what they call data-entry) business - that is actually Google Adwords to be exact - one is expected to invest heavily and it involves risks. About 95 percent of people are failing in this business due to lack of knowledge and experience in doing it right.

Will you agree a "data-entry job" that makes you lose $200 per day can be called data-entry? That's plain cheating.

Adwords is a high-risk and high-return advertising & marketing business for only the knowledgeable and those who are willing to learn the ropes and take the risks along the way.

You should be also beware of MLM schemes. A vast majority of them are after your money. Study any MLM program. They will tell you calculations of how many millions you will make in a few weeks. There will be hardly any mention of the products and their benefits which you will have buy and sell.

I 'm not saying all such programs are bogus. A majority of them.

To learn more about Internet frauds, where to complain about them, how to identify them, etc. you may please go to this US government website which gives out very detailed information.

That said, I want to invite you all to write your comments below if you have ever been cheated in a sales letter.

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