Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Many Affiliate Marketers Fail

Yes, you might have heard stories of affiliate marketers giving up. Even if you don't know a thing about affiliate marketing success rates, let me reveal you certain things which you must know.

Like any business endeavor Internet Marketing too requires business skills and the right mind-set that go with it.

Some one with lots of money to invest and people to help may end up failing in spite of his resources. On the other hand another affiliate with no money or borrowed money may succeed fantastically in a short time despite lack of money.

The difference is the right mind set. Right mind set cannot be bought for money. It has to be cultivated.

Right mind set goes beyond positive thinking. It requires mental guts, intuition, faith in one's ability to succeed and things like that.

Usually rich people who suddenly lose money and become bankcrupt for some reason often climb back to their previous state or even exceed their previous state of wealth. On the other hand, a poverty-loaded mind, even if given a million dollars, is likely to lose the money in no time. There are living proofs for this. Many gamblers or jackpot winners have never even retained what they gained after a few years.

Hence the importance of right mind set. This includes faith oneself, discipline, love for mankind, willingness to learn and unlearn things and so on.

So decide for yourself whether you are willing to learn and practice what you know.

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