Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How Does Internet Marketing Work?

You may be wondering how exactly this thing works. There are so many ways of promoting your own or affiliate product. If you want to go the paid route, it is faster to make money provided that you get the technicalities right.

You can use Google Adwords (more about that in another blog later). You buy an ad space with Google Adwords. Your ad has a link to your product website. What you essentially do is to find out and enter the most profitable keywords related to your product in the right way. If you use common/popular keywords which everyone else is using then you are going to pay more for every click on that keyword-related advertisement. So you find less used (less competition) and cheaper keywords in order to minimise your ad expenses. If any one clicks on your ad you pay what Google has asked you to pay. This is only the basics just to give an idea.

You can also promote your site through other paid and free methods (to be discussed in a different category.

The other way is you have good quality website with relevant original contents. This content includes all the possible variations of keywords used in relation to your product. You also keep your affiliate links there. If your website is search engine optimized, then, when people search for your type of product in Google search engine your page will be shown on the first page or maybe the second page depending on your ranking. Of course, optimizing a website for search engine is not a one-day affair. It may be a forever thing due to ever-competing web pages.

The idea is you must make people visit your site again and again. Some will purchase from you. You reward them with bonus gifts so they are happy with your customer service.

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