Saturday, August 2, 2008

Secret Affiliate Weapon [SAW] Review

E-book Review: Secret Affiliate Weapon by Ewen Chia

Secret Affiliate Weapon, as the name says it, arms you with the power of practical knowledge to become a successful affiliate. Affiliate business requires little or no investment and yet you can reap great income if done rightly. The keyword here is "rightly". It is here most aspiring affiliates fail.

First off, every affiliate needs basic knowledge on his own chosen work. Affiliate business is not about just about signing up and start promoting a certain program or a product. An affiliate must know the technicalities involved in signing up, how to choose the product, how to promote it, various free and paid methods available and so on.

It is here the book helps. Particularly a newbie. There is tons of information, video tutorials, free downloads and all.

A newbie will find it greatly useful and practical.

The book is written by none other than Ewen Chia - the world's most respected and No.1 affiliate marketer. This alone speaks for the quality of the book. What's more he has made it very affordable to any one by charging a ridiculously low price.

Of course, when you buy the book, you will come across two one-time offers (OTO) which come at a higher price. It is not at all obligatory that you buy them. Just read them. If you find they can be useful to you, and if you can afford them, go ahead and buy them.

However, a word of warning: do not buy the special offer for an Adwords software which promises you "unlimited websites" and that kind of stuff. I do not understand how Ewen included it in his offer. It is a worthless product which does n't live up to its promises. In fact there are no websites at all - forget about 'unlimited websites'. At the time of this writing, this is the fact. So do not waste your precious money on this product. In case you have already purchased this particular product and are not happy about it, do not hesitate to ask for a refund. These people who tell onething in their website and do another thing should learn their lessons.

As far as Secret Affiliate Weapon is concerned, it is worth buying. It is so cheap you need not hesitate. Every affiliate, including wannabes, must have this. Click here to get Secret Affiliate Weapon.

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