Friday, August 1, 2008

Gas Crisis Fuels Dubious Online Offers - Can Cars be Run on Water?

"Beware of Internet sites promising cheap gas, free gas, or savings of 60 percent at the pump." - advices a reputed technology magazine.

If you are anytime into Internet marketing you must have come across several water-run cars ads or products. They purportedly save on gas. Are they genuine? Sometimes, even good Internet marketers get carried away by false scientific evidence shown on these web sites. And some of them promote them as these are "hot-selling" products. After reading the article I am referring to, I decided not to promote any of them.

If anything, the user ends up losing his money on such products and services instead of saving fuel and money. If what these sites claim is true will not the government encourage it? Will not the car-makers promote it? Don't get carried away by the scientific evidence these sites offer. The fuel savings were demonstrated once upon a time under laboratory test conditions. Not during normal usage. So save your money and time by not buying/promoting these products.

Remember, this information comes from real EXPERTS who know the subject better than you and me. Quacks are everywhere. Several good Internet marketers are promoting these promoting under the impression these products are scientific. Most of them are not even aware of the truth. Of course, some don't care about it. All that they want is money... at any cost. Read this eye-opening story in Digg....

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