Friday, August 22, 2008

How to Find an Affiliate Program For Any Niche in 2 Minutes

How to Find an Affiliate Program For Any Niche in 2 Minutes
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There is a great trend lately of marketers finally moving
to niche markets and not just focusing on selling to the
“make money” industry. This is an excellent move and one
that will prove to be very profitable for you. However, a
problem that many affiliates are hitting is that they don’t
know how to find good niche affiliate programs.

If there isn’t a program in ClickBank, most affiliates are
lost! Also, since ClickBank doesn’t allow us to search
their database, it’s too hard to find anything there.

Well, here is a quick and easy way to find any and all of
the best and most profitable affiliate program for any
niche you desire.

To find affiliate programs from now on you will use Google
to help you. Google is a great tool to use because?

1. It’s free
2. Any site that comes up on the top results is likely
reputable and has been around
3. You get thousands of results you can search through
4. You can make your search very specific

Alright, let’s discuss in steps, how to Google to find
affiliate programs.

1. Go over to

2.Type “[Your Niche Title] + affiliate” This is the step
that a lot of people can get confused in so let’s clear it
right now. Example: If I am searching for an affiliate
program on dog health, I will type this phrase into Google
= “dog health + affiliate”

3. Now the results that I get, all the pages that have the
term “dog health” and the term “affiliate” will show up.

4. Next open a program like Excel or just take out a piece
of paper.

5. Go through the results in Google and keep noting down
the different programs that come up.

6. Once you have 10 programs listed, go back and research
each of them to find the most profitable one.

Try this strategy on search engines like Yahoo as well. You
will get different results and combined between Yahoo and
Google, there is no way that you won’t find a good
affiliate program.

What if you don’t find any affiliate programs this way?

Then most likely an affiliate program for your niche does
not exist. A great way to make money now is to contact a
few of these websites and introduce the concept to them!
Perhaps help them set up an affiliate script and share in
profits! Actually, if there is no affiliate program in
that niche, you and that company can make BIG profits from

There, now you have NO excuses not to find profitable
niches and build websites for them. You can now find a
profitable affiliate program for them all.


Anik Singal is founder and CEO of Affiliate Classroom.
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