Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 Ways To Overcome Information Overload

Affiliates, especially newcomers, often struggle the whole day to cope up with the amount of information they have by way of emails, ebooks, training manuals, etc. Is there a way to overcome this kind of depressing situation? Well, it all comes to proper time management and improving productivity skills.

First off, affiliates need to recognize that most of their so-called work is unnecessary. Before you argue with me, let me explain why. You may think going through all your emails is an absolute must. I beg to differ.

If you are working alone without any staff or personal assistants, then you need to prioritize things. Realize that reading emails is not going to give you money. Your objective is to earn money online. Not going through tons of information. Decide whether your aim is to earn money working from your home or to gather information forever.

Some tips: Start your work day by starting with the toughest work at hand. You need to plan your work. It is a good idea to plan the work for next day on a sheet of paper at night and then go to sleep. Begin the day with most important work at hand. focus on it, finish it. Between two different works, take a break by reading your mails.

Always be bold enough to unsubscribe to your mails that you find not much useful to you. Or, at least, use the filter function in your email client to separate unnecessary files into a separate folder which you may go through in your free time or when you are bored.

Prioritization of work and attending to only very important filtered emails is the way to success.

I shall write more about time management and productivity in later date.

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