Thursday, February 26, 2009

Know Demands of Internet Marketing Business

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Know Demands of Internet Marketing Business
By Jothi Jeganathan

Aspiring Internet marketers are not exactly sure what it takes to be a marketer on the Net. They would like to know what tasks the Internet marketer performs every day and what he is supposed to know.

Here is what a typical productive Internet marketer does. This is not about an advanced marketer does who is well-established, has his own office and staff and outsources a lot of work.

1. He gets up late in the morning. He also spends a good part of the night working.

2. Although different marketers have different priorities, everybody is tempted to check their mail first. All marketers receive hundreds of email.

3. Since he is on the list of several marketers, he gets a huge volume of mail and he has to read them selectively and quickly. So one has to be really fast in filtering the useless.

4. Respond to emails from joint venture partners, customers and other partners.

5. Monitors existing sales campaigns and makes changes if needed.

6. Attends to his current projects in progress - building a new website, writing or outsourcing contents, finding a new domain name, setting up PPC campaigns, etc.

7. Prepares and plans strategies for each of his project

8. Notes down ideas for future potential projects

9. He enters all important dates, programs and other reminders in his calender

10. Maintains a To Do list and implements tasks according to priority.

11. He may take a survey among his customers to find out their exact problems and then proceeds to write or ghost-write a book on the subject

12. He carefully maintains his mailing list. He respects his customers. He sends them useful newsletters, ideas and recommendations every now and then on the topic of their interest.

13. He also sends to customers periodic gifts of value as a token of appreciation. It could be as small as a tiny ebook containing practical tips.

14. Every month he weeds out unprofitable projects and focuses his energy on existing profitable projects. He also keeps an eye for potential new projects.

15. When a project is new he tests it for various purposes. If the project proves to be unproductive, he drops it.

The list can go on and on depending on the productivity level of the marketer. Now if you are a newbie do you find these kind of tasks interesting? Would you be confident of taking up this kind of business? To succeed in any business you need to be systematic. All plans and strategies must be written down.

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