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5 Simple Ways To Earn Online

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Some people think that working online from home requires high level skills and a lot of investment capacity. While professionals can take up high skill jobs online, others can take simple and easy methods to earn online. There are plenty of opportunities on the Internet.

1. Participating in Surveys: Several top companies contract agencies to do marketing research and simple survey work on behalf of them and pay money for that. These companies need to plan and introduce products according to peoples' tastes and needs. You may join in one of these survey companies. Most surveys are free to join. Each survey roughly takes about 20 minutes. In the case of special longer surveys you shall be paid more. Once you join, you will keep receiving mails about available survey opportunities. It is up to you to participate or not depending on your time. You may earn from a couple of dollars or much more depending on the survey. You can do a search for these survey companies on the Internet.

Drawbacks: Generally, the survey opportunities given to you are very less and therefore you end up making meager income at the end of the month. This kind of work is suitable for any one with plenty of time. Some companies make you take the surveys and don't pay on some pretext or other. There are several fraudulent companies operating in this field. Continue participation in surveys only if it is regular and rewarding. Drop a company quickly if you are not comfortable with it. There are some survey companies which collect joining fee upfront and then give you these opportunities. Since joining is usually free there is no financial risk.

2. Data Entry job work: You may undertake to enter data for companies in their database forms. You will need to be a good typist. They will ask you to type certain documents, forms, etc. in a particular form of the company. The more forms you type out the more you earn. Sometimes, schools and colleges need these work done during admission time.

Drawbacks: Your typing speed and accuracy need to be good. Money will be deducted or unpaid for too many errors in data entry. Here too there are numerous fraudulent companies cheating vulnerable people. Avoid paying any joining fee. Most companies collect the money and no work is given to you. Sometimes, they even tell that you can "fill up simple forms", write small advertisements for them and you stand to earn unlimited money. These companies are outright frauds. Actually, they are asking you to start Google's AdWords campaigns, which is a high-skilled business by itself. It requires high level skills, knowledge and investment. Instead of getting paid, you will end up losing money on failed campaigns. Avoid such companies.

3. Freelance assignments: If you have any type of skills - proofreading, editing, writing, web designing, photography, etc. = there are plenty of opportunities on the web., are good places to register and bid your rate when s suitable project is available to you. If you do a good job, usually the person who hired your services will hire you again and again. And you stand to earn a full time income working part time from home. There is no sign up fee. Frauds are much less here.

Drawbacks: You have to be committed to your work. If you don't deliver what you promised you not only stand to lose future assignments and even may lose money for the work done. What I understand is that about 40 per cent of people - mainly from Asian countries - are not paid at all. Study different employers and choose one who appeals to you. Drop employers who are excessively stingy. Also drop employers who demand too many "sample articles" for free. Start your own free blog or website where you can showcase your writing talents. Let them refer to it for your writing samples.

4. eBay Marketing: It is one of the simplest works to do. It requires no investment. Just look around in your house. Select some of those old sell-able items. Visit and sign up for an account. It is free. Just browse through the site and all its various sections. There are various tutorials available inside to learn how to sell. Go through them. Once you have understood the fundamentals, start listing one of your items to sell. Follow the instructions. When a buyer buys your product, you will be immediately informed. He sends you the payment first. So get the item ready with a neat and safe packaging to the address you received. Send the package as quickly as possible. So you have made a sale. Repeat this process for sometime with other items. Then gradually start selling new items at your own competitive price. You will soon find out where to buy items at wholesale price and sell them at your own retail price. Learn advanced methods. And there you are as a great eBay seller.

Drawbacks: There are practically no drawbacks. You are getting paid first. Then you are expected to send the material. You need to be very prompt in executing orders in order to win customers. There is some careful solid work involved like packaging, executing orders promptly.

5. Affiliate Marketing: This requires a little higher level of skills. Since it is easy any one can learn it. Plenty of free learning resources on affiliate marketing are available on the web. So do not buy any new book on that. In this business, you sign up as an affiliate (partner or associate) with a merchant of your choice. is the best place to start with to find good affiliate programs. You should learn how to promote a product through free and paid methods. Once you make a sale, you get the commission which may go beyond 75 percent of the product value.

Drawbacks: There are practically no drawbacks. If you work you earn. You will earn passive income for the work done earlier for once. However, if you plan to spend on advertisements then you have to be more careful.

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5 Simple Ways to Earn Online
By Jothi Jeganathan

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