Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cloak Your Affiliate Link Through This Free Method

When you join as an affiliate for a product, you get a product-specific link to use in your promotions. Cloaking of your affiliate link is essential. For one thing, your long and ugly URL (your affiliate product website address) will get shortened and look neat and clean. Secondly, your link cannot be misused by any one with hacking knowledge. If somebody sees your URL they can easily change into their own affiliate link and benefit thus depriving you of the sale commission.

There are several free and paid software programs which can cloak the link. I have found an easy and quick way to do this online.

Visit Enter your affiliate link in the box provided. Follow the instructions. Within seconds, your shortened affiliate link will be there. No one will know your Clickbank ID now.

Copy and paste this URL for your affiliate link. Your affiliate link is intact inside because of the "cloaking". So your tiny and tidy link is now ready.

This service is absolutely free. If you like,you may consider contributing some donation at a later stage when you start making substantial affiliate income.

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